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I am leaving for this

The Never-ending party, here I come !


So yeah, I have finally made it to the northernmost capital in the world and the  westernmost country in Europe AKA OVERDRAFT, here I come.

First impression - Actually, it is not that cold !

It is just the the stereotype, that the weather in Iceland is always feezing cold and the whole island is covered with ice and massive layer of snow. In fact, the actual winter temperature in Reykjavik is higher than the temperature of the most of the Scandinavian capitals (Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki). Thanks to the Gulf Stream. Despite of that, it is necessary to say that you can experience all the seasons in one day as the weather is extremely changeable.

Second impression - Icelandic language - wtf?!

I mean, I could not even pronounce the name of the host of whom place we stayed over. Example => thank you = Þakka þér fyrir. To be honest, I had a hardtime to say the names of the cities (Hafnarfjörđur, Vestmannćyjar, Sauđárkrókur). Thanks God, it is just 300 000 people who speak this language.

First day, we decided that we should explore the countryside of Iceland to get the idea of how the island looks like. As we have been told, the beauty of the country is in the countryside. So while searching for the right trip to take, we found the Golden Circle tour - apparently the most popular one day trip in Iceland.

First stop - Geothermal Power Plant which is located just 20 minutes outside of Reykjavik. I know it sounds pretty gay, but the truth is, Icelandic people are really proud of the enviroment and since the island is highly geologically active, 70 percent of the nation’s energy is based on renewable sources. Our guide named Gula gave us a tiring presentation on how they actually make the actual energy, which made me fall asleep and after that, let’s go back to the bus towards the Gullfoss waterfall.

Ehm, yeah, so simple.

Gullfoss waterfall is just spectacular.

Next stop was the geothermal field with geysirs and hot springs.

By the time that we were leaving the geothermal fields, we were quite tired as we woke up super early that day, so I was quietly praying for returning back to Reykjavik as well as for some decent meal.

My prayings were not answered - next stop => the national park of Þingvellir, one of the most visited attractions on the island (I don’t really believe that… I mean.. there is not that much to do). It was the first national park in Iceland and more excitingly, the place where, the first Icelandic and apparently European parliament, was set up. “If you will be standink on there with one foot and wif another there, you are one step in America and the other one in Europe” - our lovely Icelandic guide was trying to make a joke - EPIC FAIL. She remained misunderstood and we were quite confused but later on, we found out, that the national park is the place, where the continental drift between North American and Eurasian Plates can be seen. How cool !!

The valley in the park.

Yeah and that is the end of our Golden Circle.

Due to our tiredness, we decided, that chill out evening will be needed so I came up with idea to go to the cinema. Important Fact - Never trust Icelandic People. We went to the tourist office to ask about trips and the direction to the cinema and nearby places to eat. That lady said that the cinema is in the shopping centre sooo sooo far away that we need to take a bus and that will take us around 25 mins - it took us 20 minutes by foot, then she went ” all stores close at 6 ” it was around 8 we got there and all stores were still open, “there is no McDonald’s in the city” we saw at least three of them.

Surprising Fact - Iceland feels a little bit like America. Just because everyone drives a big car, everything is so far away and they have Taco Bell !!

Anyway, we went to see THIS I am quite scared to say, I kinda liked it, yeah I am that insane.

More to come !

5 Random Facts of Today

1. I can’t find two of my credit cards.

2. I can’t walk into my room as there is one meter high layer of my clothes.

3. There are fat girls in Odense.

4. I learnt all the lyrics of Sweet Home Alabama today.

5. Better don’t listen to Rihanna’s interviews on youtube.

Boo! You’ll always be a dirty north london boy.
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